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Brilliant, thanks very much! Two things I'm still unsure about - what is an RS-24, and what differentiates an RS-25D from a Block II SSME? Cheers!

Here's the best reference I could find on what the engine designations mean.  But basically an RS-25D = SSME (Block II or otherwise)

The RS-24 designation is a bit confusing to me.  We just called them SSMEs in my part of the program and in the official documentation (along with Block II or whatever mod level we were at).  So, the terms RS-24 and RS-25 were not used.  We had SSMEs.

I can find no reasonably official reference to an SSME being called RS-24.  Rocketdyne refers to the SSME as an RS-25D.

Cheers, much appreciated! :-)

On a not-totally-unrelated note, I'm slightly confused by this chart from P&W: - weirdly, engines 2012, 2018 and 2109 were all used on '25', then were flown again on 27 and 32? Unless I'm missing something, isn't that impossible? :-S

Remember KSC had a different numbering scheme since they didn't go by the ##L designation.  So KSC used just numbers for the flights up until 51L.  So, the 25 you see isn't for 51L.

After return to flight, the R was put after the number on the KSC numbering to designate a flight number that had already been used prior to 51L.  After that KSC and the rest of the program all used the same numbering system for flights.


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