Author Topic: French Hermes Spaceplane  (Read 20901 times)

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Re: French Hermes Spaceplane
« Reply #40 on: 04/17/2009 08:59 am »
My humble understanding of thing was that Baudry was more implicated in Hermes development,while Chretien took more flight opportunities (either on Shuttle or Soyuz).
In the end Chretien flew more, while Baudry ended with a single flight and some "bitterness" (to me Baudry's book le reve spatial inachevé looked  more like a lampoon (squib?) than a factual account of how things happened)
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Re: French Hermes Spaceplane
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Here's a site with a lot of Hermes illustrations.  Unfortunately, it is in a language that I nearly failed in high school way too many years ago:

(When is fast, accurate, automatic language translation software going to get here?)

copy/paste the url ( into the box and select French to English from the drop-downs. Very nice. It even takes you from page to page as one page links to the next. The translation goes with it.
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