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NSS and SEA Announce 2009 Blitz
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What Are Your Space Priorities?
U.S. National Academies Would Like to Know!

An ad hoc committee of the U.S. National Academies is preparing a report to advise the nation on key goals and critical issues in 21st century U.S. civil space policy. The committee will identify overarching goals that are important for our national interest and issues that are critically important to achieving these goals and ensuring the future progress of the U.S. civil space program.  The committee will explore a possible long term future for U.S. civil space activities that is built upon lessons learned and past successes; is based on realistic expectations of future resources; and is credible scientifically, technically, and politically.

The committee invites you to comment on this study by filling out a questionnaire, asking:
What should be the rationale and goals for the civil space program?
How can the civil space program address key national issues?