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NASA Archived Footage
« on: 12/22/2008 05:07 am »
Some impressive diamonds in the rough here - many are available online from the 50's and 60's...


The NASA Video Catalog cites video and motion picture productions listed in the NASA scientific and
technical information database.
The videos were developed by the NASA centers, covering space shuttle mission press conferences;
fly-bys of planets; flight vehicle design, testing, and performance; environmental pollution; lunar and
planetary exploration; and many other subjects related to manned and unmanned space exploration.
The collection of motion pictures recently digitized from original 16mm films, document some
aerodynamics testing and other research performed at Langley Research Center from 1958 through 1979.
High-resolution QuickTimeŽ format DVDs are now available for purchase. Citations include links to
online low- and medium-resolution previews.


20070030983 NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA USA
Rendezvous Docking Simulator
August 1963;
The simulation demonstrated linear and gimbal motions of the capsule and a Gemini-Agena docking.

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Re: NASA Archived Footage
« Reply #1 on: 06/27/2015 08:55 pm »
broken link above...

I found that sample video, mentioned above, here on You Tube:

Gemini-Agena Rendezvous Docking Simulator

Published on Jun 27, 2015
This simulation demonstrates linear and gimbal motions of the Gemini space capsule, followed by a Gemini-Agena docking.

Tony De La Rosa

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Re: NASA Archived Footage
« Reply #2 on: 06/28/2015 12:20 pm »
Cool! Let's see what we can grab that isn't already out there!