Author Topic: HSM-4 and Education/Public Outreach  (Read 1935 times)

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HSM-4 and Education/Public Outreach
« on: 08/27/2008 04:55 PM »
As our department ( ) is very much involved in WFPC2/WFPC3, and since I'm teaching labs this semester, I've got the task of helping to come up with a lab about the Hubble servicing mission. Since it's a 1 hour, freshman-level course, it won't be too hard. Right now, it'll probably consist of finding the circular orbital velocity of HST, finding the ideal delta V of the Shuttle, and comparing the two.

I'm curious, though, if there are any other educators/outreach people who'd be interested it...

Simon ;)

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Re: HSM-4 and Education/Public Outreach
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I sent you a PM regarding this.

I am a Flight Director/Curator over at the Challenger Space Center in Peoria. There might be some interest here.


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Re: HSM-4 and Education/Public Outreach
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I'm an educator. Chris kindly put me into L2 for free after NASA failed to answer my e-mails, and we've been creating class projects from the amazing videos and presentations on there. I would be interested in what you have in mind, Simon.
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