Author Topic: People NASA is looking to for Lunar Rover concepts  (Read 739 times)

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I guess at its root, this is a complaint post, but I'll try to keep it's tone constructive.  I recently read in popular science that NASA is working with the Rhode Island School of Design to come up with concepts for the next lunar rover (the suit lock in particular). 

Now I don't have a problem with RISD working with NASA, far from it as I enthusiastically support hands on learning.  But why is no one asking for designs from more engineering students, like the VT rover study in 1992?  There is a group of engineers (whom I was once apart of) who excel at off-road design and development, those who are involved with Baja SAE competitions.

These students build off-road race cars, and must consider performance, cost, reliability, everything that goes into designing a race vehicle from a blank piece of paper.  These are the engineers that should be designing the next moon rover, but no one seems to be asking them to!

I may be wrong in my rant - if so forgive me - but if you know anyone who is working on lunar architecture (rovers / chariot) please have them look into working with Baja SAE engineers, as I truly feel these engineers to be the most talented engineers coming out of college - with the equivalent of senior level experience in off road dynamics.