Author Topic: Your impressions and thoughts about Analex Corporation (QinetiQ-NA)?  (Read 1460 times)

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This is my first post here on these forums and I'm not really sure where to put this but General discussion seemed good.

I am hoping to draw on the experience of members here that are in industry. I was wondering what your impression is of Analex ( I have decent idea of what it is they do so I'm not asking that. It's more of a "Do you think this is a good company? Why? A good company to work for? Why?" type of question.

It's been my experience that people in web forums love to express opinions so I figured this would go over alright. If this is the wrong forum or this question is inappropriate then a mod can delete this or whatever. I've read over the rules and it doesn't seem out of line.

So, if you please, your impressions of Analex Corp! Also feel free to ask me for a clarification if you think it necessary.
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Very good company.  NRO and NASA like them