Author Topic: Why China got sanctioned by US ?  (Read 1633 times)

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Why China got sanctioned by US ?
« on: 04/24/2008 11:58 PM »
It seem that any satellite which has American components can't be launch in China. The reason for that is because China was accused of stealing technology from American companies. I read the "Cox Report" which accused China of stealing. But I got a bit confused. The "Cox report" said that because of China's lanuch failure, Hughes established several teams to conduct the launch failure investigation. And the teams gave some advices of improving the rocket, which hadn't permitted by US government. To me this is just some change of opinion, and hardly to be called stealing.

The Cox report:

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RE: Why China got sanctioned by US ?
« Reply #1 on: 04/25/2008 07:41 AM »
When Loral built Intelsat 708 crashed shortly after launch in 1996 into a town close by the pad in Xichang, Chinese officials sealed the crash site for security reasons (UDMH is highly toxic). No access was initially granted to the Loral teams to their satelliten wreck. When they finally were admitted to the crash site it became evident that advanced technology elements (including encryption) of the satellite had been removed from the destroyed satellite.

This event initiated the export controls for satellite technologies to China, which is still in force today.