Author Topic: AMAZING New STS-124 Poster!  (Read 19008 times)

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Re: AMAZING New STS-124 Poster!
« Reply #20 on: 04/05/2008 09:26 pm »
I believe it would be more a question of trademarks rather than copyright. The fact that NASA is promoting a space flight rather than a book or a movie would tend to render the issue void. Now if one called a new movie "The Order of Discovery" using the Harry Potter font then there would be big trouble (and Warner don't mess around when it comes to Harry Potter).
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Re: AMAZING New STS-124 Poster!
« Reply #21 on: 04/05/2008 11:36 pm »
the posters, the way I understand this, are given to NASA employee's and contractors as supporting the program. So, any NASA workers on here who could pick-up  a few for those, like me too, who are interested....can ya?

Or watch Ebay for someone selling them

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Re: AMAZING New STS-124 Poster!
« Reply #22 on: 04/06/2008 02:50 am »
You could take the Hi-Res version to Kinkos and get a poster sized print made...

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RE: AMAZING New STS-124 Poster!
« Reply #23 on: 04/17/2008 06:45 am »
The hi res has amazing detail, to the extent that you can see the pumpkin suits are looking a little shabby.

I'd imagine they are nomex material and that has kind of a satin like feel to it... and I know my nomex race suit roughs up easily and I think it gets that pilling in areas that see a lot of movement/rubbing (like the armpits).

Does anyone know if they have multiple pumpkin suits - ones for training & ones for actual mission use?  You'd think they'd want to use their "sunday best" for pictures as well as the mission. Perhaps they only have one suit... if that's the case it must take quite a beating with all the training etc. Anyone know what a pumpkin suit would cost - I'd be it goes along with "if you have to ask, you can't afford it" :)

Hi Res is awesome & the posters are great. Thanks for sharing!!