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ESA 2006 Schedule
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Release from ESA communications:

Overview of ESA communication activities in 2006 relevant to the media
Press conferences, exhibitions, launches, and much more. Here is the list of the main  communication activities ESA will be involved in this year. Pencil them in into your diaries.
January 2006
16/01 ESA Director General meets the press at ESA Head Office, Paris.

February 2006
21/22 "Au-delà du bleu du ciel", astronaut film avant-première, Cité de l'Espace, Toulouse (21/02) and ESA/EAC, Cologne (22/02).
Tbc. Galileo frequency filing, EC-ESA-GJU event Brussels, Belgium

02/04 "Citizens Jury on Space Exploration", Science Museum, London.
13/18 ESA/CNES conference on 15 years of progress radar Altimetry, Venice Italy.
21/03 "Nights of the astronauts", Barcelona, Spain.
21/23 Oceanology International - London, UK.
24 Press conference at Cosmo Caixa to announce the ESA permanent exhibit and the opening of the Education office - Barcelona, Spain.
Tbc. Launch of Maxus 7 from Esrange, Kiruna, Sweden.
Tbc. Columbus Day, at Bremen, Germany : EADS, presentation of the Columbus laboratory with its experiment facilities assembled.
21/31 42nd and 43rd ESA Parabolic Flight Campaign, Airport Bordeaux-Blagnac, France.
02/04-07/04 EGU, European Geoscience Union, General Assembly 2006, Vienna, Austria.
03/07 ESA Participation at MIP-TV, Cannes, France.
11/04 Venus Express Orbit Insertion; event at  ESA/ESOC, Darmstadt, Germany.
Tbc. Launch of 2nd Galileo In Orbit Validation Element,  GIOVE-B, from Baikonur,
18/04-30/04 Global Monitoring for Environment and Security Conference (19/20 April) and
                exhibition, Graz, Austria.
27/04          Columbus delivered to KSC from EADS, Bemen, Germany.
Tbc. EGNOS open service

Tbc. Launch of ESA Astronaut Thomas Reiter from KSC, Florida for long-duration mission "Astrolab" on STS-121/ULF-1.1, with ESA equipment.
16/05-21/05 ILA 2006 (Internationale Luft-und Raumfahrt Ausstellung) exhibition, Berlin,
Tbc. Delivery of European Robotic Arm to Russia

08/06-10/06 ECSITE, European Collaborative for Science and Technical Exhibitions,
                Annual Conference, Technolpole/ Mechelen. Belgium.
08/06-11/06 Salon Européen de la Recherche et de l'Innovation, Paris, France.
30/06 tbc Launch of METOP satellite, from  Baikonur, Kazakhstan.
19/06-23/06 SpaceOps Conference and exhibition, Rome Italy.
Tbc. European USOC Day, European-wide event to present the network of User Support and Operations Centres for the International Space Station.

15/07-19/07 Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF), Munich, Germany.
17/07-23/07 Farnborough International Airshow, Farnborough, United-Kingdom.
Tbc. Mission of ESA astronaut Christer Fuglesang on Space Shuttle mission STS-116 to the International Space Station (under review by NASA).

17/08 End of SMART-1 mission (spacecraft to crash on the Moon).

27/09   Opening of Spaceflight and Universe Exhibition at Landes Museum fur
Technik und Arbeit, Mannheim, Germany (open till October 2006).

02/10-06/10 57th IAC Congress at City of Arts and Science, Valencia, Spain.
20/10 European Astronomy Day.
Tbc. Launch of Corot satellite on Ariane 5 from Kourou, French Guyana.
Tbc. 44th ESA Parabolic Flight Campaign, Airport Bordeaux-Blagnac, France.

Tbc. Delivery of Node 3 for the ISS to NASA, KSC.
Dates of certain events, especially of launches, depend on various factors, such as readiness of the spacecraft and/or launcher, and thus remain t.b.c. (to be confirmed) for some time. All Ariane launch dates are provisional, with definite dates being confirmed by Arianespace. Soyuz launch dates are confirmed by Starsem, and Space Shuttle launches by Nasa.

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Smart 1 is an interesting one to watch.