Author Topic: "Raumwaffe, 1946"  (Read 1993 times)

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"Raumwaffe, 1946"
« on: 01/22/2008 06:10 pm »
The final issue of the original run of Aerospace Projects Review had a large article on the topic of German wartime space efforts... trying to separate the facts from the mountain of fiction. This issue has been the most requested of the original run, so I'm making it available again as a PDF on CD-ROM. It contains a great deal of information and drawings on the V-2 program, the A-9/A-10 program, Sanger's "Silverbird" and others, as well as discussion of dubious and downright wrong missiles and space vehicles supposedly designed by the Germans during WWII.

This issue also contains articles on Boeing WS110A designs (B-70), X-Wing aircraft and Dash-On-Warning concepts.
"US Spacecraft Projects" and "US Launch Vehicle Projects"