Author Topic: Interesting snippet on Shenzhou 8/9  (Read 8511 times)

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Re: Interesting snippet on Shenzhou 8/9
« Reply #20 on: 01/04/2008 10:02 PM »
I get you point now.
It's an interview of the chief designer of China's manned space project -- Wangyongzhi.

He said, first a spaceship will be send up to the space, and leave the service capsule in the space. Then another spaceship will be send up to dock with the service capsule left. He mentioned that there are two options. First one, they can make a service capsule which can remain in space for half year. After docking with the second spaceship send up, the first service capsule will be abandoned. When the control capsule of the second spaceship separate, the service capsule will again leave in the space. So there will aways be a service capsule in the space to dock with the coming spaceship. This process can go on and on, until the demostration of docking is over. Second one, the service capsule of the first spaceship can remain in space for two years. Then it can dock with the coming spaceship again and again. So if they wants to do N time of docking, they just have to send up N+1 of spaceship.

He didn't mention there will be a separated "space adaptor". I think it's more likely that an "adaptor" will fix on the top of the first service capsule. So it can dock with coming unmaned- or manned- spaceship.