Author Topic: Kennedy Space Center Airspace Advisory for Santa Flyby Dec. 24  (Read 666 times)

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PAO trying to be humorous......and the result is.....

RELEASE: 60-07


CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - NASA has granted permission to Santa Claus to
access Kennedy Space Center's airspace on Christmas Eve, Dec. 24.

The jolly fellow, in his reindeer-propelled sleigh, is expected to fly
over the center sometime between 10 p.m. and midnight to take a close
look at the ongoing construction at Launch Pad 39B. Workers are
installing a new lightning protection system as part of the efforts
to transition the pad from a space shuttle facility into the launch
site for the Constellation Program's Ares I crew launcher.

North Pole officials are interested in the weather safety upgrades at
the launch pad because they may install a similar system around
Santa's workshop. The new system at Pad 39B will feature large cables
strung between three 594-foot-tall steel and fiberglass towers. The
towers will be the tallest structures on KSC property when completed,
surpassing the 52-story Vehicle Assembly Building.

"We're always concerned about safety, so following NASA's lead is
always a good idea," said chief toymaker Buzz Elfrin. He added that
Space Coast residents and families living in surrounding areas may be
able to catch a glimpse of Santa during his flyby of the center,
depending on the sleigh's altitude.

The launch pad will be the site of the first Ares test flight, called
Ares I-X, scheduled for 2009. NASA's Constellation Program is
developing a new space transportation system that will carry humans
back to the moon in the next decade and enable them to stay.

The automated landing systems will be left on in the automatic mode at
the Shuttle Landing Facility during Christmas Eve to support any
emergency Santa may experience while in the Central Florida area. No
government expense is involved in leaving these landing systems on.

Although it has never been confirmed that Santa has made a pit stop at
Kennedy, a routine sweep of the runway to remove debris after the
holidays last year produced one ripped stocking, a broken toy truck
and what appeared to be reindeer tracks.