Author Topic: AWST: Lunar Base Could Test New Forms of Government  (Read 2000 times)

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On page 69 of the Oct 29th Aviation and Space Week, a sidebar reading "Moon Outpost Seen as a Political Petri Dish". Seems to be the same as:

Comments? Is AWST approaching the content level of, say, Space Daily? :laugh:


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Re: AWST: Lunar Base Could Test New Forms of Government
« Reply #1 on: 11/03/2007 02:32 am »
I don't think so since a political government on the moon is not representative of all ethnicities around the world.

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Re: AWST: Lunar Base Could Test New Forms of Government
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I don't understand your point, "???". I assume by "representative" you mean that the governed have considerable input, through voting, communication with government representatives, or other means, into the actions of their government. In that sense, there isn't a government that represents everyone with the possible exception of the UN. I don't know how much influence the average human being has in the UN directly (is there any sort of "representation" present) or whether you would consider the UN a government.

Moving on, it does seem to me likely that new government forms will come about away from Earth. There are various needs and pressures in a space colony that a Earth-side civilization hasn't experienced for some time. For example, safety and resource conservation will have a bigger impact. Being sloppy and negligent on a space station could result in someone's death or waste precious resources. Economically, an isolated colony might need its own economic system (a company store or barter at the least) because Earth-side currency might be scarce. And of course, there might be burdensome Earth-side regulations that a colony wouldn't have the resources to support.
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