Author Topic: What Sputnik launched, by Charles Krauthammer  (Read 5510 times)

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Re: What Sputnik launched, by Charles Krauthammer
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vt_hokie - 6/11/2007  10:11 AM

On the other hand, what good would it do if the United States graduated more scientists and engineers, only to have them be unemployed because the business people with the real power feel that using cheaper overseas labor is a better way to go?

You are giving the bean counters to much credit and the creative people in the economy to little credit.

The driving engine in the US economy is the small (<100 people) companies.

(Of course I'm jaded having just left a small startup that grew to large for me and just joined a new small startup that is cash flow positive, growing fast, turning a profit, and has no plans to IPO (and all that other dot com bs lingo))
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