Author Topic: “Plan D for Outer Space” - NASA updates EM-2 mission baseline  (Read 11420 times)

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Tell me Chuck...

Why would you need ....

It's the engineer in me. Perfection was drilled deeply into my soul from when I was first a freshman. If I EVER delivered an incomplete product for real life testing I would have been fired so fast that it would be as if I had never had a career at all. I have always prided myself on delivering the best product I possibly could, that conformed to or exceeded the specs, on time and always either on or under budget. It goes right up my backside to see others getting away with such utter sloppiness and not only not being reprimanded for it but actually being thanked for the delivery. It's the reason I have so little hair left; I've pulled it all out in utter frustration watching the slow train wreck that NASA has become, and yet I'm so addicted to this that I can't look away.
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Well said Chuck.  I share much of your view point.