Author Topic: Bulgariasat Coast-2-Coast ASDS Landing Bingo  (Read 352253 times)

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Re: Bulgariasat Coast-2-Coast ASDS Landing Bingo
« Reply #180 on: 07/08/2017 10:20 am »
Continuing the trend of landing on the aft half.
I suspect the distribution of guesses will shift dramatically now that we have this analysis. Holy crud, that would suggest these were becoming educated guesses rather than WAGs. What fun will that be?! ;)

You know the fun is, if most picks are concentrated on the right hand side and a booster ultimately does land on the left hand side, the sparser square selection on the left makes it more likely to actually be closest to the rocket, as shown in this example where a pick one that was NOT directly beneath the centre engine.

Congrats to tinorex, well played! :)