Author Topic: Jeff Bezos believes in space as an industrial park, but not as a backup  (Read 49845 times)

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This is about developing industry in space, not entertaining the masses.

Last I checked their business was space tourism.

Human spaceflight is basically just LARPing now.

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Bezos doesn't care.

... and therefore I don't care. If I want a boring slowpoke program to watch I'll follow China... or NASA.

That's mean. But you have a point.  ;D

Out on the public internet there's a meme going around. People point out that they've never seen Game of Thrones, or that they don't care to. One of the immediate responses is "why should we care if you've seen it or not?" with the subtext being that it's rather pretentious to think others care at all about whether you care.

Same thing here. Flouncing in to a given thread and announcing that you don't care about the topic isn't helpful. Nor is discussing whether someone else should care or not, except if you can manage to tie it directly into success of the project (and that connection was already suggested and it's tenuous so you're good there)

If you don't care, don't watch the thread. But spare all of us the expressions of disdain. That's not really a request, ok?


PS - removed snark and countersnark comments that followed this one.
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