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Tengyun Space Plane
« on: 09/14/2016 10:45 pm »
China Aerospace Science and Industry Program test "space plane" in 2030

article translated from chinese
It is envisaged that the space plane can take off from the ground level of the airport, in the atmosphere, accelerating climb reaches a second separated at 30-40 km altitude, a return to the level of the landing, two continued to climb into the near-Earth orbit, after the completion of the transport task atmospheric reentry return, with cheap, safe, convenient, mobile and other advantages.

China Aerospace Science and Industry Academy of Science and Technology Development Assistant Minister Dai Jiangyong in an interview said, 'Tengyun project' covers a number of key technologies, including structural and thermal protection, aerodynamic design, a combination of power systems.

Among them, the dynamic system will be achieved: when the aircraft took off, use the highest speed performance of aviation turbine engine reaches a certain speed, switch to accommodate high-speed flight within the atmosphere of the ramjet, arriving near space, and then the rocket engine into space.

Dai Jiangyong said it plans to complete the key technologies in 2025, 2030 to complete the two-orbit space vehicle technology verification test.

Aimed at achieving a low-cost round-trip air and space 'Tengyun project' yet the long-term goal, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation made the rest 'four cloud' has more application conditions, such as 'Fei Project', will be high-altitude long endurance of UAV platform, by following the 'gaze' approach to communications relay.

Dai Jiangyong said the UAVs which can carry 50 kg load at 20 km altitude flight five days in a row, as a useful supplement to traditional satellite. They plan to test and build the first generation of high-altitude long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicle air in 2017 LAN systems.
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Re: Tengyun Space Plane
« Reply #1 on: 03/17/2018 04:12 pm »
I thought that I had already posted this on here, but I cannot now find it.   This story of a sub-orbital test of a sub-scale model of Tengyun has appeared.

I would be interested if anyone can actually place a date on the test flight, please.
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Re: Tengyun Space Plane
« Reply #2 on: 03/18/2018 04:36 am »
The test would have been close to 23 February I believe.

"Without revealing the nature of the vehicle, state-run Science and Technology Daily said on February 23 that the test was a “breakthrough”, with the vehicle landing precisely as planned."
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Re: Tengyun Space Plane
« Reply #3 on: 03/28/2018 11:42 am »
The Chinese source is .
It does name the China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center as the developer and Liu Gang as the project leader, but gives no details on launch vehicle or 'space model test aircraft' design.
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