Author Topic: SpaceX to the moon: mission profiles  (Read 26245 times)

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Re: SpaceX to the moon: mission profiles
« Reply #80 on: 03/30/2016 08:58 pm »
Haven't worked out all the numbers yet but I'm not sure that EML-2 is optimum...why do you say that?

Lowest delta-v to get to cis-Lunar rendezvous point and maximal access to surface, launch and return profile flexibility, future jump-off point for newly-refueled, inter-planetary spacecraft (heading for Europa, for instance)...

Here I am assuming that the Moon is not the final destination (I.e., not flags and footprints), but a step in the direction(s) beyond.
I created an exhaustive dV map for planning lunar missions; it's available in this thread.

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Re: SpaceX to the moon: mission profiles
« Reply #81 on: 04/03/2016 06:15 pm »
That 4.2 tonnes is probably just the mass of the capsule,

Is this really correct? I've seen information stating the maximum mass of the Dragon is 12,000 kg. The maximum payload is 6,000 kg. I've also seen information stating the trunk weighs around 1,000 kg so that would only leave 800 kg for propellant.