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Re: SpaceX TV / stream
« Reply #60 on: 01/18/2016 07:45 pm »
Yeah, the rocket view was perfect! Very nice coverage, I love to hear the countdown net and fantastic overlay graphics. Cant ask for much more, very good job from Ben and his team.

YouTube live now works in germany, a relief. But I watched the direct webcast by SpaceX which was about 8 seconds ahead of the YouTube feeds. So I had the YouTube uncommented stream as a secondary and NASA TV as the third stream on a big laptop.

Same here. Big relieve! The youtube stream was very stable. Had the nasa feed in 144p in a small window and switched on the audio occationaly. Was like a nice view into the control room. I dont know why NASA presents people watching screens as their main feed though.

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Re: SpaceX TV / stream
« Reply #61 on: 01/19/2016 01:04 am »
Here's another vote for the dual webcasts.  I watched the rocket one.  I remember back in the olden days of the 60s and 70s watching coverage of space missions on network TV.  I often wished the reporters would shut up and let me listen to the chatter in Mission Control, even though I was just a kid and didn't necessarily understand what they were talking about.  It just sounded more interesting.

It's nice to have a choice today.  Webcasts in general are much better than the TV coverage back in the old days.  And I love the rocketcams!  We didn't have those back then.
The Space Age is just starting to get interesting.

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Re: SpaceX TV / stream
« Reply #62 on: 01/19/2016 01:22 am »
I ran both YouTube streams on two monitors attached to my laptop.

Most of the time I left the audio from both channels active, and it worked out fine.

Hoping this continues for future launches.

Cheers, Martin
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Re: SpaceX TV / stream
« Reply #63 on: 01/19/2016 01:32 am »
I ran the hosted stream on my TV as the primary one, and I had the rocket stream on my iPad.

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Re: SpaceX TV / stream
« Reply #64 on: 01/20/2016 03:21 am »
As I stated upthread I always have sketchy video streams for space related events.  But not this time for whatever reason.  I ran simultaneously and seamlessly NASA TV, and both SpaceX feeds via youtube.  Probably a fluke that things were so good for me.