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Online Chris Bergin

So this time last year we set up a few ideas to try and help aerospace student members of NSF to gain access to the L2 resources.

That proved to be far more successful than we could have hoped for.

What we're going to do this year is provide continued free to those existing scholarship students who have logged in over the past week (as in active members) at the time of posting this, which is the vast majority of them! The idea of another scholarship round would have likely seen the same loyal members chipping it and it wouldn't be fair for them to have to do that again. We also have some "overflow L2 funds" from super loyal lifetime members like Gramps and Robert (who is too modest to be named, but some of you will know who I mean). We'll consider another round in late 2016.

We'll also extend the discount rule for all other aerospace students. The overview is copied below.

Discount for students at College/University level, studying in the fields we over (Aerospace etc.) - 50 percent discount on all L2 subscription levels.

To initiate this, please create a login on the forum: - use your school e-mail address (.edu) for registration. Please note, all e-mail addresses used to register on this site are protected and never abused. If you do not have a .edu address, for please PM me (message me by private message).

Once you have registered, PM me for confirmation you are eligible.

Once eligible, you will be provided with the instructions on how to pay for your discounted term via the L2 sign up page, which is very simple: - please note you are entering the discounted 50 percent off price.

If you are student - per the above - and already a L2 member, I don't want you to feel like you've missed out. Please PM me for eligibility, after which you will have you L2 term extended as compensation, allowing you to benefit from this discount.
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