Author Topic: Pad 39B to gain new Flame Deflector and Trench upgrade  (Read 38201 times)

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Re: Pad 39B to gain new Flame Deflector and Trench upgrade
« Reply #60 on: 08/31/2018 05:22 pm »
pad flame trench is featured in this video update:

Preparing America for Deep Space Episode 18 On The Move

NASA Johnson
Published on Aug 31, 2018

Big progress continues to be made in 2018 for NASA’s Orion, Space Launch System (SLS), and Exploration Ground Systems (EGS) programs. Teams across America and in Europe are developing and building the spacecraft, rocket, and infrastructure necessary to send humans to deep space destinations including the Moon and beyond. Some major milestones include: Orion – Orion tank integration, Engine Gimbal System Test, and Solar Wing Test in Bremen, Germany, Structural Test Article Testing in Littleton, CO, and Exploration Mission-3 Machining in Fountain Valley, CA and Brea, CA. SLS – Application of thermal protection to Launch Vehicle Stage Adapter, Intertank Structural test article lifted to test stand at Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC), Orion stage adapter loaded onto Super Guppy at MSFC and shipped to Kennedy Space Center (KSC). LOX Flight Hardware move to Area 6 at Michoud Assembly Facility and LH2 Structural Test Article move for thermal protection system processing at MAF. EGS – Flame Deflector Installation at Pad 39B (KSC), Crawler-Transporter 2 move to Pad 39B, Crawler lifts the Mobile Launcher, Water Deluge Test at Pad 39B.
For HD copy: jsc2018m000717_PreparingAmericaforDeepSpaceEpisode18_On The Move_MXF.mxf

Tony De La Rosa