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Online Chris Bergin

Pictures might be helpful. ;) I guess I missed that post, I did not see it in your two post-incident articles.

I respect your journalism, Chris, but I'm just going after what SnC themselves say in their press release:
... Today, Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) performed its first free-flight approach-and-landing test of the Dream Chaser® spacecraft. ...

Actually, I quoted Mark S as 99 percent test objectives complete, so if you're arguing over one percent, despite the ETA actually landing on the centerline! (Note it wasn't even her own gear that didn't deploy), then we're into this sort of silly stuff:

Headline: "Crap!!! Dream Chaser test was actually a nightmare! Exclusive."

Abstract: "Investigative forum member Lars has struck gold again after noticing the word "landing" in a SNC press release relating to Dream Chaser ETA's recent test. The baby orbiter - that has been eagerly suckling at the teat of the NASA budget bottle for the past few years - failed to reach the end of the runway during rollout, resulting internet experts shaking their heads in dismay, despite rollout not being a test objective."

You see how silly that looks? Yes? Gooooood.

Thread locked.
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