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Hi. Been reading this site's news for a long  time. always very good! joined the forum for the launch of Cassiope and i'm curious if it's a good idea to sign up for L2?

I know it's a good idea to support the site you like, but to be honest i'm only really interested in spacex. is L2 SpaceX part of L2 interesting?

It should be a no-brainer! L2 has some fantastic SpaceX content. News is usually broken in that board 48 hours or so before everyone on the public side knows about it.

L2 has lots of SpaceX stuff.

Hi fellow fan! Yeah, it's awesome. Much easiler to follow too as there's no chatty threads. Lots of great and fast info, but also 1000s of unreleased photos of Dragon in space, like these....but it full res.

I have to say I do like the other sections too and I only came here as a SpaceX fan. Some astondiong videos on there.

And yeah, people should support the site for giving us all these other areas, like the SpaceX sections. Thing is, you get a lot back for supporting cause of L2.

Thanks! Ok, I'm doing it! ;D How long does it take to get access?


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