Author Topic: Want to become a space news writer?  (Read 2228 times)

Online Chris Bergin

Want to become a space news writer?
« on: 08/12/2005 01:56 am »
Now we've got a few more people on here, I want to see if any of you want to become writers.

In the coming weeks I want to take this site up a gear, which means more news for starters. You can see from the forum layout what sort of areas we're covering and you don't need to be a fantastic writers. Quote based news info is what people want to read, not some amazingly written column hat basically only communicates his own opinion.

You'll get to pick what you cover, there's no minimum requirement, I'll be able to help you get in touch with relevant NASA people to talk to (when needed). It'll range from taking quotes from press conferences to actually collating a story from an engineer etc.

You'll be accredited, get your own e-mail address (if you want it) as an official of the site etc.etc. and we are looking to create a team that will become part of a paid structure eventually.

Mail me at [email protected] if you're interested in it and don't be frightened off...some of the best writers I know came from starting somewhere and gaining experience.

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RE: Want to become a space news writer?
« Reply #1 on: 08/14/2005 04:12 am »
Do you give priority for spotting the deliberate mistake in that post of yours? ;)

Online Chris Bergin

RE: Want to become a space news writer?
« Reply #2 on: 08/15/2005 07:58 pm »
Well done! ;)

Last call for this round of recruitment.

Online Chris Bergin

RE: Want to become a space news writer?
« Reply #3 on: 08/17/2005 08:39 pm »
Right, I'll get in touch with the guys I'm interested in - tomorrow morning.

Thanks for your interest everyone.

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RE: Want to become a space news writer?
« Reply #4 on: 08/19/2005 01:47 pm »
Although I accept that we DO need news articles, I really do feel that we need to 'set ourselves apart' from others in the field by looking at news stories from a slightly different angle.

For example, nothing frustrates me more than magazine or website articles which are just rehashed press releases, with no thought, originality, unique perspective or evidence of 'background' research. People can get press releases from They don't want to come here and read the same thing, word-for-word, again. We need to show that we are different and put some really high-quality articles, news stories, reporting and analysis on this site. I, personally, think it would be good to do this. There's nothing wrong with inserting personal opinions, surely, as long as reinforced by strong evidence.

That way, I think we will transform ourselves from writers to professional writers.