Author Topic: CCDev to CCiCAP to CCtCAP Discussion Thread  (Read 619420 times)

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Re: CCDev to CCiCAP to CCtCAP Discussion Thread
« Reply #2140 on: 09/24/2014 09:04 pm »
We won't ever know that part of the contract. Neither SpaceX or Boeing will make their pricing that transparent. Those payments will be obfuscated with other hard to measure metrics.

That tactic is only convenient if you have higher costs and try to mud waters. Those with lower costs what would have to gain from it?
SpaceX might have the lowest costs but they still don't tell the public what each launch costs.

Its a common tactic in major negotiations. You don't want new clients coming in already knowing your cheapest rates, and then negotiating for cheaper. 

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Re: CCDev to CCiCAP to CCtCAP Discussion Thread
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That's also the explanation of Boeing's award. SpaceX might do it faster and cheaper... or might fail. If there's one company in the US that you can depend on for crew access, it is Boeing. If they say they'll IOC by 2017, they will IOC by 2017 with a 99.5% probability (conditional to getting the requested funding, of course).

Yeah, Boeing is *never* late, are they.  ::) You might want to update your view on Boeing.
Look at the requirements. Boeing has been working on the CST since the Crew Exploration Vehicle, at least. They have taken the most conservative decisions. They have been studying this for a decade. They are the engineers of both the Shuttle and the ISS. Sure, when the do business, they may take risks. When they are developing new technology, they'll most probably have delay (who hasn't, btw). But when they are told that the top priority is a safe service by 2017, I'm pretty sure they are the safest bet there is.
Personally, I would have gone with Dragon v2 and DreamChaser and bet that at least one of them can do it. But if I'm a NASA administrator and have the Russian crisis in my mind, I might do exactly what NASA did.

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Re: CCDev to CCiCAP to CCtCAP Discussion Thread
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That's a good post to end this thread on.

Thread 2 - (well a thread for CCtCAP onwards) - here:
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