Author Topic: Thanks to all!  (Read 2801 times)

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Thanks to all!
« on: 08/09/2005 12:24 pm »
Well, here we are with Discovery successfully home and the successful completion of STS 114.  :) I'd like to say a huge thanks to everyone on this site (especially Chris for setting it all up and inviting me here from our car club) for making it an amaizing experience for me.  This is the first mission that I have followed so closely despite always being interested in Space and the Shuttle, and it has made it clear that I have a huge amount to learn.  I had hoped to be out in Florida to see the launch but sadly the delay from the original date meant that was not a possibilty, but being here and experiencing the mission with you all has made up for it.

Once again thanks to you all.  I'm looking forward to the next one.  :)

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RE: Thanks to all!
« Reply #1 on: 08/09/2005 02:08 pm »

If I may, I felt a level of international interest in this mission that was an eye opener for me.  That and the behind the scenes contributions were like sitting in the back rooms of Mission Control.

I feel like I've been introduced to a whole new group of friends.  A wonderful new experience.


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RE: Thanks to all!
« Reply #2 on: 08/09/2005 03:56 pm »
Thanks to Chris and everyone else here in the forum. This was a GREAT experience!
So much information as never before, great pictures, great coverage!
Thanks for sharing the knowledge.

Very well job done!

Greetings from Mexico,


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RE: Thanks to all!
« Reply #3 on: 08/09/2005 06:13 pm »
Thank you all for the contributions.

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RE: Thanks to all!
« Reply #4 on: 08/10/2005 04:59 am »
Indeed, it's been an incredible and breathtaking experience.  I feel like I'm "inside" with the guys and gals who're making my childhood dreams happen -- I've been living on this forum since I stumbled upon it.  Of course, no one lives here more than Chris Bergin, to whom I extend a hearty thanks for opening this peephole into the world behind the scenes.  

I also thank the NASA folks and the USA folks et al who are gracious enough to give us regular Joes insight as to what makes NASA spaceflight really tick.  I believe you are as much ambassadors for NASA as your glamorous compatriots who ride those candles you build.

Now if that sappy outburst doesn't get me kicked off this forum, nothing will!

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RE: Thanks to all!
« Reply #5 on: 08/10/2005 10:28 am »
Ok, that's enough of the group hugs ;) Moving it to General.

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RE: Thanks to all!
« Reply #6 on: 08/10/2005 10:37 am »
I have to agree with almost every comment. This was the first mission that I had followed closely as well (whilst also following spaceflight for a long time). Being here in New Zealand can be a bit off-putting when trying to follow these things, but thanks to Chris and this fantastic website of his, it has really made me feel like part of the action.

So, thankyou Chris, Twix, Flightstar, Anik, all the people on the inside (in one way or another), helping to keep me (and everyone else) informed, and thank you to everyone for putting up with my questions.

If you are ever in New Zealand, pop in and say hi!

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RE: Thanks to all!
« Reply #7 on: 08/10/2005 10:44 am »
Very well said. This site has shown an excellent planned or not behind the scenes look into how it works at NASA, from the cold, no names PR side of to a the very open and accesable way of doing it here.

I get to speak to actual NASA people and those that care for the three shuttles at United Space Alliance. Highlight for me was when we had that foam story with the external tank and up pops this former engineer who actually was a foam guy for the ET. There's what? 100 people in the world who do that and we get one on site just like that..

Other highlight was when Flightstar, NASA Twix and NASA Langley were having a laugh at Flight for being a monkey wrench or something. We always hear how cold and professiona these guys are, but that was real live fun between very clever people. So cool.

And of course yesterday and the launch. I felt like I was there. Awesome.
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