Author Topic: What would you launch with 53mt to LEO ?  (Read 97098 times)

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Re: What would you launch with 53mt to LEO ?
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Would it be possible to launch Dragon on top of a strengthened payload fairing to enable cargo/crew in a single launch aboard a F9 Heavy?

The way I see it this would allow for carrying a lander or for carrying modules say for a future space station or DSH without the need for a shepherding spacecraft by turning the dragon around after fairing separation and docking ala Apollo. Not sure if the added rigidity needed to support the Dragon on top of the payload is worth the added mass, but it seemingly would allow for shuttle-type missions to deliver large payloads and crew together.

What would be the pros and cons?

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Re: What would you launch with 53mt to LEO ?
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My dream launch on something with lots of payload to LEO would be making small stuff go fast.

If you don't mind mixing manufacturers, you could launch a Delta-IV second stage (30 tons) with an entire Pegasus XL (4 stages and 23 tons), for a seven stage rocket.   Since all the Pegasus propellants are storable (solid and hydazine)  you could use the FH and Centaur to get as close to the sun as possible, then fire the last 4 stages from there. Should end up with a quite substantial outbound velocity, should someone care to calculate it....

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