Author Topic: Chinese Taikonauts and Russian Cosmonauts have to be put in chairs?  (Read 1604 times)

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Can someone explain to me why Chinese Taikonauts and Russian Cosmonauts have to be put in chairs as soon as they emerge from their spacecraft after landing. They don't look strong enough to walk by themselves.

I remember seeing Gemini and Apollo astronauts walking easely and doing almost summersaults on aircraft carrier deck after their return.

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Re: Taikonauts back on Earth
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depends on the length of stay in space. When the cosmonauts return from the ISS they've spent a considerable time in micro-gravity, which weakens muscles and such. Furthermore the descend in capsules is a bit rougher then when compared to the Shuttle. Thirdly, I have the impression that Russian post-flight observation is a bit more strigent then compared to NASA.
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Just because they are given chairs doesn't mean they are too weak to walk. Remember that several ISS crews have extracted themselves from Soyuz without  assistance, after 6 months in orbit and an 8g ballistic entry.

I would also suggest that motion sickness, disorientation and dizziness are more of an issue for moving right away than strength. Soyuz (and I presume Shenzhou) is a wild ride with lots of spinning, swinging and sudden deceleration. Combine that with re-adapting to gravity, and you probably don't want to walk if you don't have to.