Author Topic: LIVE: STS-124 Flight Day 7 - JLM relocation / Flight Day 8 JEM RMS deployment  (Read 53361 times)

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Where did you see it? I've been looking for an EVA 3 CGI walkthrough.

It was shown on NASA TV.
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Nice sunset view of the truss!
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I'll even excitedly look forward to "flags and footprints" and suborbital missions. Just fly...somewhere.

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There was a nice view of Discovery's cockpit windows and the JLP a few moments ago.  I'm not sure if it was from the JEM RMS camera, but it showed the SSRMS and the SRMS.

It was from OBSS camera.
The picture (vlcsnap-01822.jpg) shows that.

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SARJ news from ISS daily report (7th June):

"Port SARJ Update: Ground specialists believe the possible source of the grease-like substance observed by Fossum & Garan during EVA-2 in the portside Solar Alpha Joint is Braycote-601, a lubricant used in space, from the trundle bearings. Similar indications can be seen in imagery from the inspections performed during Mission 10A. A get-ahead task was added to tomorrow's EVA-3 to collect samples from the SARJ from debris on a tang, a second site for debris, debris mixed with grease, and the purest sample of the grease-like matter."

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here's a nice handheld image of the JLM after re-location


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They are going to disable the backlight on the front panel display.  They need to remove the display, which means taking off the bottom cover, and removing a couple of switches that are in the way.  On the display board they will snip the lead of a resistor to create an open circuit - this will stop current flowing in the backlight.

Its lucky that the resistor in question is an "old school" leaded type (looks like it was a hand modification by the manufacturer) since the rest of the board is surface mount technology.  Trying to remove a surface mount resistor would have not been possible without specialist tools.

I agree it is lucky they could just snip a wire.   

Actually, removing SMT components like resistors is not too hard, although it does require a steady hand and a fine tipped soldering iron.   (Do they have a soldering iron on station?  That'd be fun...)   But in general, you are right - for anything more complicated, you really do need a specialized heat gun.

Yes - they do have a soldering gun on station.