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Title: USA and ULA clarifications
Post by: Jim on 12/13/2010 01:18 pm
USA and ULA are two different companies owned by Lockheed Martin and Boeing.  They are not composed of LM and Boeing employees.   They are separate companies with different compensation packages for the employees*. The companies exist as long as they serve the owning companies' interests.  Once need for the company is gone, then the need for the company is gone.  For USA, this means it must find space operation contracts (ISS support, SLS support, etc) to survive.  If the company is to be disbanded then the companies may take some of the employees back, but one can see that there aren't going to be many opportunities.   LM and Boeing still own the intellectual properties associated with Atlas and Delta.  LM and Boeing can still build and design launch vehicles as long as they don't compete with the EELV's.

* Points of interest: People of retirement age who transitioned from Boeing or LM to ULA were able to retire from their heritage company and still perform their exact same job for ULA (basically drawing two paychecks).   ULA recognizes employees time with heritage companies for longevity awards and severance pay, however, retirement from ULA is only based on ULA time.