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Title: Finally....NASA TV in Canada
Post by: Jeff Lerner on 09/15/2009 01:37 am
Thought I'd share this with NSF members who are Rogers cable TV customers in Ontario, Canada....don't know about the rest of the country or other Canadian TV  suppliers but Rogers will be adding NASA TV to one of their educational cable TV packages. I don't have any pricing information but Rogers is currently offering a free 3 month preview of NASA TV on channel 254...
Title: Re: Finally....NASA TV in Canada
Post by: robertross on 09/15/2009 10:32 pm
Thanks for the heads up! (although I'm getting a competitor's bundled package installed instead...but free install I couldn't pass up). I'll have to push for something. At least with (up to) 15 Mbps internet speeds I can use the computer...better than staying at work (since I have no internet at home now).

Of course this was ordered 4 weeks ago, and after 2 visits and 4 guys, I still don't have anything; next visit in 2 weeks...ughhh. One more screw-up, and I just might look elsewhere  ;)

Worst case, I'll buy a dish.  LOL