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Space Policy Discussion / Re: Who should be the next NASA Administrator?
« Last post by Lar on Today at 03:40 AM »
I can think of many people more qualified, but as stated before, just being qualified isn't the only part of the rubric. I think posts that don't take that into account might not be adding a lot of value.
Latest version of press kit. Has launch at 10:36 a.m. EST.
My bet is on OATK down-selecting to RL10. It fits "build American, fly American".

Mine btw. too.  8)

I think talking publicly about Vinci is first and foremost a strong message to ARJ that the rejection of BE-3U did not make RL10 the inevitable choice. Certainly not at any cost.
I'm not so sure.  Remember, Orbital ATK is the company flying the least-American orbital rocket currently flying from U.S. soil, with a Ukrainian built first stage powered by Russian engines, boosting a largely Italian-built payload.  Vinci is, or will be, more efficient than RL10.  For all we know it might also cost less.

 - Ed Kyle
This is like Liberty Launcher Lite?

Liberty Heavy more like. Similar sized first stage, slightly smaller liquid upper stage, but with a solid second stage sandwiched in between, strapon boosters, and composite instead of steel casings. Its a real beast, if only it was developed 20 years ago it might have been a nice system...
NGL is "Liberty Not".  They've nothing in common.  The first stage is new.  The second stage is new.  The third stage?  New.

 - Ed Kyle 
This flight is currently targeting May 2018 according to schedule on NASA OSMA web site.

1 May 2018 to be exact.
When people just post a picture of their favourite ship it is not that interesting.

Challenge accepted. Prepare for a lot of nerdy verbiage.

There are many reasons why the 304 is my favorite sci-fi ship.

1. Practicality

You can point to almost any part of a 304 and immediately recognize its purpose. The forward dorsal section of the neck houses the VLS missile launchers, the small spherical domes are railgun emplacements, the large bays on either side carry fighters, and so on. It is clearly a military vessel.

Now don't get me wrong. I like sci-fi ships that don't have obvious explanations for everything on them. Still, it is fun to easily see the reasons why a particular part is on the ship.

2. Ruggedness

The 304 is a tough little ship. Earth in the Stargate universe doesn't have the resources to match the massive fleets of its enemies so it creates (with help) a nimble, multipurpose battlecruiser that can complete a wide array of mission types.

Even though the 304 has advanced alien tech its size is puny next to the opponents it faces and in many engagements it is outgunned and forced to take on multiple opponents. You gotta respect a ship that can take a beating on a regular basis and keep on going.

3. Nods to real life

One of the reasons I really like the 304 and Stargate in general is that it is set in the modern day. You can see elements of real life ship design on the 304. Take the conning tower at the rear or the aforementioned VLS missile tubes.

4. Emotional attachment

In Star Trek the Enterprise is as much of a character as the crew and the audience became emotionally attached to it as well. This isn't as overt in Stargate but certain 304s (the Daedalus in SGA and the Odyssey in SG-1) play extremely important roles in the show. You know that you really like a ship when you are crossing your fingers during a battle hoping that it doesn't get destroyed.

Old-school B5 fan here... Hyperion and Omega class:

I'm a big fan of the Omega as well. The spin gravity and the functionality of the vessel really appeal.
I did say that although Bridenstine may not be the best person for the job; he may be the best we're going to get...

I don't like to reward bad behavior, nor do I want to reward mediocracy.

The U.S. has over 100,000,000 adults in the age range to be NASA Administrator, and Bridenstine is just one of them. I have no doubt that there are thousands of qualified people to choose from.

Of course it is assumed that many qualified people would be unlikely to consider the job because of Trump and his policies, but I have no doubt that there are still thousands of potential candidates that would consider working for Trump, and would be more qualified than Bridenstine - especially considering that Bridenstine's overarching qualification was that he is a politician that was on a NASA committee, but otherwise doesn't have big government or complex project management experience.

So if Bridenstine is not made NASA Administrator, we don't have to settle for someone even less qualified than he is.
Well... Yes, you may be correct. But do you have a list of people? I'd love to see it. And are we/you going to have to settle for someone less qualified? It's not my taxes that are going to pay his salary after all...

I make some points - some that are focused and singular; and then some other folks just want to go against them because... Well; just because. Was never trying to open back-and-forth claims/counter claims or points/counterpoints.

Didn't someone once advocate Rear Adm. Craig E. Steidle? He certainly seems qualified. But does he want the job? Does he need the job? Would he be able to be a 'James Webb' type, able to get on well with politicians from both sides of the House and be a superlative manager and figurehead? Would he be good articulating plans and budget plans and breakdowns before Congress and/or the Senate? Would Bridenstine, for that matter?

So if Bridenstine is not made NASA Administrator, we don't have to settle for someone even less qualified than he is.

This is a valid point. I think there have to be hundreds if not thousands of business executives, public officials, former military leaders, perhaps heads of nonprofits, etc who are never even considered, even though they may have a lot of relevant experience and would meet the administration’s “standards,” just because they don’t know someone on the “inside” who will put their name forward.

Seems like social media has democratized so much (for better or worse) yet the good ol boys network still rules this process.

Maybe we need another thread for it but I think it’s worthwile for folks to throw some “plan b” names around and see if we can come up with anyone new. A few pages back there was a brief discussion but it kind of died off. Unless bridenstine hits a buzzer beater at the very end of this year he faces even bleaker prospects next year when the republicans have one less vote.
Briefly (sorry lar): the XXYY0 cells are XXmm diameter by YYmm long.  The zero is a needless placeholder.  Elon is fighting a one-man battle to drop the surplus 0.
SpaceX Mars / Re: Elon The Boring Company
« Last post by cmcqueen on Today at 02:13 AM »
It simply looks to me as though Elon Musk is a problem solver at heart—an engineer who is driven to solve engineering problems. The bad traffic was a problem bugging him in the depth of his soul; he felt compelled to solve the problem.
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