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DJI SPARK climbs high and attempts to look into the starhopper

Astral Barnard
Published on Jan 21, 2019

this video was taken 1-21-19, I flew as close I could to the property (10ft) and flew up to 400ft and attempted to see what the inside of the hopper looks like.

Well there's still a bunch of stuff laying around.

- The top dome (and its cap)
- the arced members near the top dome (maybe its interface stiffener to the cylinder?)
- Some 3' tubes
- anything else?
Yes, the UK will will participate in the ESA.  Brexit doesn't affect that.
It's a misconception that the data are not available.  Check these links:

Chang'e 3 images:

And this blog post with other information including how to get original data - but it needs updating, links are broken.  The point is, it was made widely available and I think it could still be found if the proper links could be tracked down.

Oh yes, how about this from NAOC:

Lots of multimedia files.
General Discussion / With brexit will UK still participate in ESA?
« Last post by Bismuth on Today at 02:49 am »
Topic, is ESA only for EU members (and Canada)?  Technicalities aside I'm just curious if UK will still produce euronauts.
We've already seen photos and a great video of the landing. Checkout the Chang'e 4 thread in the science section.
Screen grabs of the satellite deployment animation.
Space Policy Discussion / Re: FY19 NASA Budget Request
« Last post by yg1968 on Today at 02:20 am »
Shelby released his own version of a bill to re-open the government which includes NASA on pages 197-205:

In case that you are wondering, it doesn't have bi-partisan support.

It would be a decent working theory if it weren't for that *massive* mass discrepancy ...

It's not obvious to me that there is a mass discrepancy.   The 'Planet 9' folks are positing a 10 Earth mass planet.  So in both case there are 10 Earth masses of material in the Kuiper belt.  In one case it's combined into a planet; in the other it has remained small objects in a disc.  And if the P9 folks can barely see a 10 Earth mass planet, why could there not be 100 x 0.1 Earth mass planetoids, or 1000 x 0.01 Earth mass planetoids?   

I'm not saying I believe in the disk theory, just that the mass discrepancy is not as strong a hypothesis-killer as it might seem, since the best alternative (P9) also has the same total mass in the Kuiper belt.
Q&A Section / Re: Shuttle Q&A Part 5
« Last post by DaveS on Today at 01:48 am »
SpaceHAB related question: On which missions was either or both of the XO576 bulkhead CCTV cameras (A/D) moved to the aft bulkhead of the SpaceHAB? Two missions I'm aware of are STS-95 (both cameras relocated) and STS-107 (camera D relocated the left camera platform of the SpaceHAB), but where there any others? And what was the reason for relocating these cameras?

STS-57, 60, 63, 77.   The module blocked the view of the cameras for items behind the module
Thanks for the answers. Was there anything special they wanted to keep an eye on during those missions? On a similar tangent: The RMS end effector camera, was it different in any way from the other cameras that were mounted on PTUs? Or was it bog standard, just not mounted on a PTU?
Rocket Lab / Re: Rocket Lab launch schedule
« Last post by Steven Pietrobon on Today at 01:44 am »

"The Kleos Scouting Mission (KSM) satellites will be launched by RocketLab on an Electron rocket from Launch Complex 1 in New Zealand in Q2 2019. The satellites will be integrated into Rocket Labís in-house designed and built Maxwell dispensers and deployed from the Electron kick stage to low-Earth orbit."
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