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Title: Discovery Channel's 'Cooper's Treasure'
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 'Cooper's Treasure': New TV series follows astronaut's treasure map from space

Is it possible that one of NASA's original astronauts mapped the site of a sunken treasure from orbit and it remained a secret for nearly 55 years?

That is the premise behind "Cooper's Treasure," an eight-part documentary series, premiering on Discovery Channel on Tuesday (April 18). The show follows shipwreck hunter Darrell Miklos as he attempts to piece together coordinates and other notations that were entrusted to him by the late Gordon Cooper, one of the seven Mercury astronauts.

"I think I'm the only man on the planet that, in the business I am historical shipwreck recovery received information from an astronaut [with] coordinates that he obtained on a spaceflight," said Miklos in an interview with collectSPACE. "I have to tell this story because if I don't, I don't think there is going to be anyone else who will be able to do so."