Author Topic: FAA, Litigations, permissions and Starship/SpaceX discussion space in NSF  (Read 1643 times)

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Yesterday the FAA Starship topic disappeared (I guess sent to the purgatory)

At the same time, this is the key (and controversial) topic that will allow SpaceX to launch again. Details on how the FTS behaved and what exactly happened will be key. I found highly valuable posts with links and information to the regulatory framework that are not accessible.

I guess that hiding this important topik is a very hard choice for the moderators.

I would like to understand the rules and handling of this kind of topics to better understand the limits at which they are not just blocked but hidden from the public.
I tend to find those discussions very interesting and an important repository of knowledge. But I also understand that they are a door to hate and derrailed conversations.

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