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Mid-course manoeuvre started, Dragon about 2km from ISS
This might be a workable solution for transmission between a 0g station and a rotating station?

1.6 kW is not that much, but without the issue of water they might have higher frequencies and even better efficiencies?

The receiver seems 1.5m across, so a 20m x 20m might handle 177 times more, so 300 kW, which isn't huge, but enough for something like twice the ISS?

It could be some kind of wire with a quick disconnect as well, but it seems messy to have cables between stations in space.

Four good suit leak checks

Important message to the Crew-5 mission just now from the ground: They need to make sure the waste funnel is docked. Good news, Astronaut Josh Cassada replies, it is firmly plugged in. Watch Dragon dock with the space station live:
ISS Section / Re: Expedition 67 Thread
« Last post by Riley1066 on Today at 07:43 pm »
Why could Space Shuttle crews dock to the ISS in shirt-sleeves, while Dragon and eventually Starliner crews need to suit up for docking operations? 

Seems like they went backwards ...
Does anyone have a good outsider's estimate of how many Raptor engines SpaceX has built to date?
"Press kit" capture with OCR
I've seen the highest launch azimuth for the PSLV is 140. On polar launches, it flies a dogleg trajectory.
Is this also to be expected for the GSLV-III with OneWeb?
Approach initiation burn has started

Edit to add: burn complete and nominal
Q&A Section / Re: When will Orion first dock on space?
« Last post by DanClemmensen on Today at 07:32 pm »
It seems like there will be no in-space test of Orion's ability to rendezvous and dock prior to the Artemis III deocking in NRHO. Is this correct? Is this reasonable?

No, it is not a good operations decision.   

It's also not the only thing that will be untested in flight either;  The life support systems will not be flight tested on Artemis 1.    The Euro Service module does not have all the life support consumable tanks installed on Artemis 1

There will be no rendezvous and docking test between Orion and the HLS lander prior to the moon landing attempt.   

I find the argument of commonality with Starliner unconvincing, as I have doubts that the software, sensors and computing are actually identical with Orion.   Also, Starliner hasnt' and won't dock with HLS.

Artemis II will test pretty much everything except the actual docking, all in an Earth orbit before departing for the Moon. That's why I asked about the docking. It would be nice if NASA would pay SpaceX to make an HLS available in Earth orbit during Artemis II. If they somehow magically integrate this with the HLS demo flight, the incremental cost would presumably be low.

Commenters here have also mentioned that Starliner's dock is active-only but that Orion's will be active/passive. If so, then they may be similar but they are not identical.
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