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Stop to a problem with the attitude JAXA conference, When did you have it?
It on. Control room that stopped at their computers. Ground was stopped "machine will detect
Was confirmed. The lamp with the error "Asahi astronomical

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I was going JAXA Conference rehearsal, up to 18 seconds.
Because it must be done to ensure safety in that first unit, we can not help but stop the rocket style strictly

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JAXA conference angle was different how?
"A number of angle about plus or minus one degree"

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Exit ConferenceMorita project manager Away

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The launch of the next, it might be three days later at the earliest. According to Morita manager, about half a day, is likely to take about half a day to measures to cause found. "We are determined to take countermeasures immediately at the moment"

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Huh stop with an error of judgment 1 degree roll angle Puramai. What story is set in the direction to stop actively abnormal slight because it is the first aircraft. Wonder if there is a possibility that you continue not, depending on the setting of the threshold?

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This is a press conference in response to the launch abort epsilon from 4:00 pm on the 27th.
Naoki Okumura JAXA President
Yamamoto Kazuta extraordinary Cabinet Office Minister (space charge)
Fukui illumination Ministry of Education Deputy Minister
Kasai Noriyuki Space Policy Committee

Okumura from Chairman
For that it did not lead to firing as planned as head of JAXA, was sorry to not be able to live up to expectations. I want to try to live up to expectations of the people through the cause future investigation.

Read release announcement
19 seconds ago by detecting abnormal posture Launch

Yamamoto Minister
Minister who came to visit the Uchinoura JAXA since its establishment is the first time, came we make a thought to the universe of Abe Cabinet, but is sorry. Epsilon rocket is essential to ensure the autonomy in the universe basic plan. I want you to launch as soon as possible.

Fukui Deputy Minister
Be done to ensure that the causes is important. It after having taken sufficient measures again, we would like to work towards the launch of the rocket as soon as possible.

Kasai chairman
Basic policy of the universe expanded use of secure and autonomy. One of the nuclear epsilon. I want you to a successful launch by properly determine the cause.

Question-and-answer session after

NHK and abnormal posture detection?
I have the sensor output indicating the Okumura abnormal posture that is abnormal posture. It is considered possible or a few of unusual equipment or a matter of setting value.

It is Yamamoto is also plan to launch a ASNARO2 in the near future Asahi Shimbun
There is no change in government policy that you want to locate the backbone of our country rocket Yamamoto epsilon. I want you to a successful launch as soon as possible.

When will the next launch of the Tokyo newspaper next will be.
It is to be set after the Okumura cause investigation. As you are saying and the Minister as soon as possible, you want to strive to launch early.

Is not it that after two days in Tokyo newspaper.
Okumura cause investigation is the first.

I want to hear the feeling of now Yomiuri Shimbun.
Okumura, because I was expecting as one of the people, it is feeling severe frankly. That we do not know the cause because it is unlikely to be, I believe that we can launch early to determine the cause.

Do you think the review of the Yomiuri Shimbun system.
It might come out by Okumura cause. But the causes are first and foremost.

Question moves to Tokyo venue.
Influence or appear to Nikkei other rocket.
And may be the cause by Okumura, but first it's investigating the cause. , I want to give our best in this.

Tsukuba venue, no question.

Sankei Shimbun Yamamoto minister had said Japanese rocket and accurate at the time at the time of launch H-IIB, but a comment.
Yamamoto sorry. Never space policy of Japan retracts by this. I want to come to re-launch schedule is if someone.

There is also a notion of stopped NVS properly, how do you evaluate
Conceivable Okumura so but first it is investigating the cause.
It is as Yamamoto Okumura president says.

Is over.

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Is the second part Morita project manager press conference press conference.

Launch that I was hoping would be postponed, yet the launch of perfect weather. We even I was sorry but I apologize for inconvenience. I believe that over time a little firm, and want to find the cause and countermeasures.

Artificial intelligence did stop Asahi Shimbun automatic stop. I want to know a little more specific the situation.
It has nothing to do with ROSE in comparison judgment with Morita threshold. Sensor to know the attitude of the three axes of the rocket (gyro) is mounted rocket post boost stage to the (PBS). Was automatically stopped because the relative value set in advance to an apparatus for the automatic inspection, the output of the roll axis exceeds a threshold value.
Abnormality has occurred at the time of mounting calculator to calculate the orientation data based on the output of the gyro, to tell computers ground exactly.

Do you not related to the NHK autonomous inspection.
Whether you are in the threshold Morita just before launch. Autonomous inspection that you would use more upstream of aircraft assembly. It does not matter this time.

What confidence of absolute certainty was talking on NHK pre press conference or was.
Unchanged Morita. It is thought that because that was secured in the correct place, and thing that I found when it should find.

The Asahi Shimbun this is what was within the purview.
The difficult Morita, but do not believe either that there was a thing to unexpected interaction between the computer on the ground and equipped with computer. I believe there are no problems at all aircraft side.

Unknown rocket Did not leaning. Whether there was no abnormality in the sensor.
I have no idea as the Morita.

Or sensors for controlling the posture of the entire rocket Kyodo.
Morita's so.

Time launch of Kyodo News following.
Put a precaution, take measures to Morita, just in case you want to launch in a perfect state by validating measures. I would like to have a little time. I do not believe that it takes up to 30 days in September of last window.

Or abnormal misses soft rather than hard Newsletter computer.
I believe both the current situation Morita.

Or that we did not, consistent with epsilon calculator Mainichi ground side is old.
Morita it is not.

Calculator Yomiuri Shimbun ground what they do. What does it mean that there is a discrepancy in the exchange. Was no abnormal posture of the body,
Morita ground calculator that the output of the installed computer that only compared with the threshold value. Consistency with the exchange is currently being investigated. It is normal has been confirmed and monitored by the telemetry separate sensor output.

Entering fried preparation mode in X-22 seconds according to NHK Kagoshima article, but so what abnormality was found.
Computer begins to compute the X-20 seconds calculation rather than Morita so. I stopped at -19 seconds the results out.

I move to Tokyo Mike venue
Is it I mean that does not matter this time of trouble and prior inspection by the Kyodo news agency AI. Or there is no possibility of mis-configuration of the threshold. Exchange of up to -19 seconds or How was.
It does not matter and artificial intelligence Morita this time. Cause under investigation, including human error. There are no problems as far as the computer is running at -20 seconds. In fact on the relationship between starting the heat disposable batteries in X-15 seconds, rehearsal prior to, was not tested only up to X-18 seconds. Trouble is a translation happened at the very last moment.

About Nikkei schedule outlook.
Half-day, half-day, one day a validation to specific Morita to find the cause. I think two days and I would like to have the time at least. May also be referred to launch three days later shortest at the moment.

Health of the satellite towards the NVS. Thermal battery start to what was said.
No problem Morita satellite. Make it impossible to use when you start once the thermal battery. X-15 running in seconds. It is not running at this time.

From Tsukuba venue
I want to know the detailing did you interact what Yomiuri Shimbun.
Machine is doing all the Morita judgment. By display to man, in the control room, and stopped comes out, we're not know to stop. I began to study hurriedly from there.

It's that automatic stop abnormal posture Kyodo News, but when did it we know that.
I found immediately Morita. Anomaly came to display items that attitude check.

Relationship of trouble and that it has reviewed the Tokyo Shimbun control system. How many seconds before and what did you launch rehearsal. Is there a first unit only trouble.
I depends on finding the cause of Morita future. I'm doing X-18 up to the second, rehearsal. First unit is set to monitor items in acne tighten to launch to ensure absolute safety. I can not help but to stop attitude of even a small concern as possible.

Do you believe that it is not a serious thing much Mainichi this time.
It can not be said so Morita position above, but think that it might be be able to take action immediately.

Abnormality of how much was out at an angle to the Asahi Shimbun concrete.
Set of Morita threshold plus or minus 1 degree. I have an extra output about again it.

Do I say trouble of system of Asahi Shimbun new development.
Can I think so Morita.

Is over.

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From what I can read about the post-scrub press briefing at, it looks like the countdown was halted 19 seconds before launch when the on-board computer sensed that gyros were off by more than 1 degree in the roll channel compared with the values sensed by the ground computers, just after the flight model software was loaded and before the switch to internal power. This was not related with the ROSE "AI inspection" system.

Next launch attempt is at least 3 days away.
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The abnormally sensitive computer on the ground, light is lit, abnormality is displayed on the screen, it seems in the form of the manual stop.

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Re: JAXA's solid fuel "Falcon 1"
« Reply #190 on: 08/27/2013 10:24 am »
The world should keep vigilant for Japan has the capability of developing ICBMs.

3 stage solid LV lofting 1.2t
Eventually, the new rocket may carry a landing vehicle for Japanís Moon exploration project, targeted for 2020, the agencies said in the reports.

Is it a joke? And '3 stage solid'...'24 meters in length and 2.5 meters in diameter'... nice MX-class ICBM...

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Even after three days at the earliest, a typhoon is approaching, because the weather is bad, launch came out could be in September.

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Thanks very much for your notes Blister!
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The abnormally sensitive computer on the ground, light is lit, abnormality is displayed on the screen, it seems in the form of the manual stop.
It seems to have been automatic stop rather than a manual stop.

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AP story has some interesting details.
"Japan hopes to compete more aggressively in the international rocket-launching  business. "
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They rush epsilon, the cause specific
  August 28, 6:18

New rocket domestic the launch was aborted in the 27th trouble for "epsilon", JAXA = Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency shall be to advance the identification of detailed cause around the computer control room side, consider a new launch date has to.

New domestic rocket by JAXA developed the first time in 12 years, "epsilon" was scheduled to 1:45 pm on the 27th, be launched from Uchinoura Space Center in Kagoshima Prefecture.
However, sensor signal to determine the attitude of the rocket that detects an abnormality is sent, the countdown is suspended in 19 seconds before the launch, the launch of the 27th has been aborted.
Was examined by JAXA, is that the attitude of the actual rocket is normal and abnormal that was not observed in the function of the sensor.
Seeing that there was any problem upon computer control room side receives the data transmitted from the rocket side, JAXA has to be examined mainly on software on your computer for this.
This computer system is one which has been newly introduced to the epsilon of this time to determine automatically prior to firing any failure on the rocket, it is based on that JAXA to identify the cause more trouble, to set a new launch date .

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Interigent solid locket and its revolution by Morita project manerger.
Abstract of Epsilon rocket is writted.(English and Japanese)
It is a reference that easy to understand.

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That there was no abnormality in the attitude of the aircraft aborted launch epsilon turned out

Japan during watched drinking (Katazu) Katazu, I launch new domestic rocket of "epsilon", but just before launch, the system will shut down automatically 19 seconds ago, it was called off. The rocket which carried the world's first automatic inspection systems using artificial intelligence, what happened on earth.
Countdown, which started from the venue.
However, even at the time the launch, there is no situation that moves Epsilon rocket.
Voice leaked "rainy day what? Practice?", "Postponed?", "What's the matter?", And "not up" from the people.
In Kagoshima Kimotsuki town, announce "The cause is unknown, but was called off launch of today" and flows.
from people that moment, was looking forward to the launch, sigh leaked.
The "I or shock. About 15 hours I came all the way took", people who came to see the launch said, "It was a shame".
Suddenly, epsilon was canceled launch.
What happened to the state-of-the-art rocket.
Naoki Okumura, president of JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) said, "the automatic countdown sequence of the rocket, it detects the abnormal posture, in about 19 seconds before launch, was auto-stop" he said.
I was initially announced, abnormalities of the slope of the aircraft has been detected.
That then, there was no abnormality in the attitude of the aircraft, I found Investigators of JAXA.
Currently, detailed cause is that it is under investigation.
's Not abnormal at all to "aircraft, but in a way that reflects on the ground side completely the calculation process, and wonder not There was a part that did not have received. Example Morita Yasuhiro project manager of JAXA now, said, "is where you are studying to think as one of the causes such a thing.
This time, the launch of epsilon, I had a chance to sell to the world space technology in Japan.
Perform the inspection to launch yourself, if you are equipped with artificial intelligence, theory, epsilon, is possible to launch with a single personal computer.
In addition, for about 7.5 billion yen hit the predecessor of "Rocket M5", epsilon and 3.8 billion yen, the launch cost, almost half.
In addition, traditional, work period in the launch site was also shortened to seven days where it took about 42 days.
Except that these will draw attention from the world.
Takamatsu Seiji representative of Arianespace Tokyo office said, "that this launch that was postponed, I think seems like it is not at all that scratch the evaluation of ε" he said.
The Tokyo office representative Takamatsu said companies share No.1, launch "is that be postponed, is that is not limited to epsilon separately, a well anywhere in the world. There is a problem" commercial satellite "The launch of the world to have, and there was some sort of anomaly, that it has shut down automatically to detect it. Given that after that, rocket and satellites as well as in sound condition, that there is no any trouble to launch the next, in a short period of time , were analyzed despite developed in low cost, it's that they are functioning correctly a very system, and "I think that it seems like it is or not does the 'plus evaluation rather.
Currently, Epsilon, was returned to the maintenance building for inspection.
In JAXA, is being re-launch will become the 30th at the earliest.
(08/28 00:44)By FNN News

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Epsilon launch abort ... "The shift in attitude" and false positives

Launch new rocket Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA Jakusa) was planned in Uchinoura Space Center in Kagoshima Prefecture Kimotsuki town Kimotsuki town in the afternoon on the 27th, "epsilon" of Unit 1, 19 seconds before launch during countdown abnormality is detected, it was discontinued.

There is a possibility that the trouble occurs on the line or computer to manage the rocket. JAXA hurried find the cause, I aim to challenge re-launch early.

Epsilon, was scheduled for launch in 45 minutes 1:00 pm the same day. Computer on the ground side is false positive attitude of the rocket is slightly shifted, it was automatically stopped prior to ignition. JAXA was confirmed by another method, it is investigated looking no abnormalities in the rocket, and there is a possibility that there is an error when the data is sent to the computer on the ground from the computer of the aircraft. Yasuhiro Morita ∑ JAXA professor of epsilon development chief, predicted that the causes and solutions, and takes at least two days in the validation.

(Yomiuri 01:18 at August 28, 2013)

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Interigent solid locket and its revolution by Morita project manerger.
Abstract of Epsilon rocket is writted.(English and Japanese)
It is a reference that easy to understand.

Very nice, with info on PBS:  280 kg mass, 95 kg prop  (not clear if the 95 is included in the 280)
and bonus - FAB picture of THUNDERBIRD 3 on page 3!!!
(very sad they didn't go with that design :-))

Jonathan McDowell


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