Author Topic: Lawsuit against Amazonís Board re: Kuiper launch buy  (Read 1860 times)

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Jeff Foust writing for SpaceNews:
Lawsuit claims Amazonís board erred in awarding Kuiper launch contracts to Blue Origin and others

A pension fund has filed suit against the board of directors of Amazon, claiming they ďacted in bad faithĒ in approving launch contracts for the Project Kuiper broadband constellation that awarded billions of dollars to Blue Origin, the company founded by Amazonís Jeff Bezos.
Bezos, the suit concludes, was able to negotiate from both sides given his roles at Amazon and Blue Origin. ďFor a year and a half, Bezos was free to identify and negotiate with launch providers for Amazon, while also free to negotiate against Amazon on behalf of Blue Origin.Ē

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Re: Lawsuit against Amazonís Board re: Kuiper launch buy
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Already being discussed in the existing Amazon Kuiper thread, from this post forward.

Please go there, to prevent duplicate threads. Thank you.
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