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Re: Blue and Mars...
« Reply #40 on: 05/16/2023 10:15 pm »
And not to belabor my point, but issuing a press release six months after a launch failure with some broad-strokes outlines of what you think happened, but still having no concrete plans to Return to Flight even two months after that press release, doesn't exactly scream "maturity." Perhaps this is the exact problem with pushing for reuse before you hit certain cadence milestones: if anything goes wrong, you were depending on reuse and have no ability to actually manufacture new components; and so you basically need to un-mothball the production line. While with higher cadence, you're hitting end-of-life on components often enough that you need to retain the skills to make more, and so a sudden failure just means "move up production slightly."

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Re: Blue and Mars...
« Reply #41 on: 05/17/2023 05:46 am »
The question about New Shepard's production line can be surmised from this part of the New Shepard update topic:

It clearly is a thing, but we don't know how many vehicles are in production and word from sources is that there is at least two full capsule/PMs in the works.


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