Author Topic: FAILURE: SpaceX Falcon 9 v1.1 - SpX-7/CRS-7 DRAGON - UPDATES  (Read 271806 times)

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Article 1 based on the latest:

(Next article will be about Dragon).

And here's Part 2 (typically I had not see transcripts. That was a lot of finger typing then ;D )

Amazing work by Nathan again with the renders. No, the nose cap was still on during CRS-7's event, but the lead render is about what would happen...(she would pop the nose cone and get ready for chutes).

Moving into RTF soon, so we'll be moving into new threads.

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Re: FAILURE: SpaceX Falcon 9 v1.1 - SpX-7/CRS-7 DRAGON - UPDATES
« Reply #381 on: 07/29/2015 12:50 PM »
Is there a cargo manifest available for CRS-7?  Previous SpaceX flights have published them but all I've seen is the very high level 2 sentence mention in the press kit

Not all that detailed, but it is broken down a little:

Have not seen any published with a further breakdown by weight or categories (though SpaceX/NASA must have them for internal use), but Spaceflight101 have at least compiled more information about payloads including the spacesuit, dove-cubesats and more:

Also worth mentioning that some of the cargo were re-flights of things lost in the other recent launch failures, like for example some of the student experiments, a set of multi-filtration beds, some of the crew supplies etc. (Some crew supplies are specific to the individual astronauts, like for example crew-choice food, crew-selected/sized clothing, etc).

Here is a more detailed list of cargo lost on Spx-7.