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Xianggang - ?? - ?? - 2023 (?)
« on: 09/20/2023 08:32 am »
Hong Kong's first hyperspectral remote sensing satellite "Hong Kong Star" was launched on the mainland at the end of November

The "Hong Kong Satellite Manufacturing Center" at the Tseung Kwan O Innovation Park of the Hong Kong Science Park has developed Hong Kong's first hyperspectral remote sensing satellite constellation "Hong Kong Star". It has completed final assembly, testing, and offline at this stage, and will be launched into the mainland sea at the end of November.

Director of the Innovation, Technology and Industry Bureau, Sun Dong, delivered a speech at the satellite offline ceremony. He said that he was pleased with the group's research and development and believed that it would be of great help to the development of Hong Kong's digital economy and the construction of smart cities.

Sun Dong pointed out that the government has done a lot of work to promote the development of innovation and technology, and has proposed a series of policy measures in terms of gathering talents and supporting start-ups, including the introduction of key technological innovation enterprises, which will help build the local technology industry and deepen Hong Kong's New industrial development.

He said that the Bureau has contacted more than 200 key companies in the past year, and now nearly 30 companies have already settled or are preparing to settle in Hong Kong, and dozens more companies are in the stage of intensive negotiations. He emphasized that the introduction of a successful enterprise requires continuous communication before the introduction of the enterprise can be implemented.

The satellite "Hong Kong Star" is equipped with a high-resolution optical camera, which can provide global sub-meter visible light remote sensing images, and can provide high-precision data for the global Internet of Things, disaster prevention and reduction, emergency safety, remote sensing, smart city construction and other fields. . The group plans to invest NT$29 billion to launch the "Hong Kong Space Star Link" project from 2024 to 2029, launching 720 satellites to realize a commercial satellite constellation based in Hong Kong and radiating around the world, and establish a mobile Internet of Things.

首颗香港制造的卫星总装下线 将于11月底发射
The hyperspectral remote sensing satellite made in Hong Kong rolled off the assembly line at the Advanced Manufacturing Center of the Hong Kong Science Park on the 20th. It is understood that this is Hong Kong's first commercial satellite developed locally and assembled offline. It is scheduled to be launched in the waters of Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province at the end of November.
The first payload Xianggang (香港星) made by Hong Kong will be launched in November from South Sea of China, Jielong-3 or Gushenxing-1S?
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