Author Topic: G H Stein, "A Program for Star Flight", Analog, October 1973  (Read 1797 times)

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In this months Spaceflight, there is an article on Starships of the Future (mostly Daedalus and Icarus) that mentions a suggestion by G H Stein published in Analog, October 1973 called "A Program for Star Flight".

'A full program of exploration was proposed which would utilise a fleet of no less than ten starships which would be launched by the year 1990 at a cost of around $100 billion spread over several decades. This cost estimate was based upon 1970's costs.'

Has anyone know any more about this proposal?

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a suggestion by G H Stein published in Analog, October 1973 called "A Program for Star Flight"

That was a great issue of Analog.  Contents included Of Mist, and Grass, and Sand, by Vonda N. McIntyre.  Also a guest editorial by Carl Sagan.  And pithy Notes from Magdalen More, attributed to L*Z*R*S L*NG.

As regards the Stein "Science Fact" piece, it includes several diagrams of a starship design attributed to Robert D. Enzmann.  They show a 1,000 foot diameter sphere containing 12,000,000 tons of frozen deuterium.  (Some modern readers will be pleased by Stein's comment, "The starship will be assembled in orbit!")

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Deuterium fusion is unlikely to get you above 10% to 15% the speed of light.

That's still 40 years to Alpha Centauri ... and you need to slow your starship down as well, so it will actually take 80 years. These Enzmann starships must either be huge "world" or sleeper ships.
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