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Re: Space Food
« Reply #20 on: 02/27/2011 11:42 am »
Astronaut food should be bugs.Dung beetles,larva,worms,roaches etc...Humans on earth already consume these.Why is anything thrown away on ISS? Recycle everything!
Why throw anything away on Earth? That's where the biggest problem lies.

They are trying to recycle 100% of water from human waste (excrament).
But they are only now just trying to get that equipment to work correctly & consistently on ISS. There is a concern, remember, of having the astonauts go ill. The precautionary steps are quite rigid. If someone goes ill, a group of 3 comes down to fill a Soyuz, otherwise there is insufficient escape facilities.

Recycling only goes so far. They try to keep certain items, but if you've looked at any of the on-orbit photos, the modules are close to capacity with packaging WITH items in it. To keep all the foam dividers and so on is impossible & pointless. Now if they could use it back on the ground (which they usually can't), there was never any place to store it. And even if they could find a use for it on the ground, and have the space to store it in the PMM (and elsewhere), by that time there will be little to no downmass capability for useless pieces of foam. But that's just an example.

We're just getting started in all this. In fact, if they put as much effort to recycling here on Earth as they should, ISS becomes such a tiny fraction in the grand scheme.
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