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Superfluid vacuum sound waves
« on: 01/28/2018 06:12 PM »
I read a discussion on this forum about how in the Superfluid vacuum theory there are sound waves that propagate in the vacuum.

By Rodal:
"There are several theories of a superfluid vacuum.  These theories have a "speed of sound" of the vacuum superfluid equal to (in the simplest theories) or higher than the speed of light.

The speed of sound in the superfluid vacuum can be associated with quasiparticles which are thus phonons: quanta of sound waves.  The superfluid vacuum theories thus have "sound waves" in addition to "gravitational waves".   

One can think of the speed of sound of the vacuum as being associated with a (very large value) bulk modulus of elasticity (and density) of the superfluid vacuum, but these theories usually discuss the speed of sound (*) of the vacuum in terms of vacuum energy considerations and not specifically in terms of a bulk modulus of elasticity of the vacuum superfluid."

I wanted to ask, what that sound field would be described as?
How would particles emit sound? What would virtual phonons be in that case?