Author Topic: NASA International Space Station Attitude/Orientation Data  (Read 1489 times)

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Hey all, I am working on a current project related to an experiment aboard MISSE 7, an experiment from November 2009 to June 2011. In analyzing the data from one of the experiments at the time, it would be very useful to know the change in orientation for the ram and wake direction flip that occurred several times over the duration of the experiment.

The primary reason from my understanding was to allow for proper space shuttle docking, but also happened a few other times. Do you know of any way to obtain the orientation data of the ISS for that time period, and who might be the best person to contact about it?

The hope is to share the data and findings from the experiment with the rest of the researchers who had experiments up on the spacecraft at the time. I've searched a long time through the forums and there wasn't a whole lot on this particular case. I imagine it is something an ISS flight controller would have a lot of familiar with.

Does anyone have any thoughts on who to contact? Where to look? If there are any other sites out there to look at posting on?  8)

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That data is stored and could be called up on demand.  Given that you're doing this under the auspices of a payload customer, your best bet is probably to try to contact someone in the ISS Program Science office at JSC.

There's a customer service email and phone number (ISS Research Helpline) at the bottom of this page that might be your best starting point.