Author Topic: NSF Servers Transfer (Short downtime) - Monday, May 1 (9am UTC)  (Read 2695 times)

Offline Chris Bergin

Heads up for a small outage to your NSF viewing experience.

IBM Bluemix is extending "hot patching" capabilities for VSIs (Virtual Server Instances) in all locations. Hot patching allows the IBM Bluemix Virtual Server team to apply many software and security patches to virtual machine hosts without disrupting client workloads with a host reboot.

They also gave the option to migrate to hot patchers on our schedule, so Mark is going to do it around 9am UTC (3am Eastern - 8am UK). Site will be down for 30 to 60 mins.

Result will be no future reboots when they installed security updates, which is good.

Will update the thread if we change the time (but this is by far the quietest time of the NSF day) and when complete.
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Offline Chris Bergin

Err, it took 3.5 minutes. :)

We're still checking.

Been fine since. Well that was painless!
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