Simple Question - Will Falcon Heavy fly in 2017?

111 (74.5%)
38 (25.5%)

Total Members Voted: 149

Voting closed: 01/01/2017 01:29 am

Author Topic: Will Falcon Heavy fly in 2017?  (Read 21429 times)

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Re: Will Falcon Heavy fly in 2017?
« Reply #60 on: 11/30/2017 10:13 pm »
So 75% of voters in the poll backed the wrong horse.  ;D

Which just goes to show that polls of technically uninformed people do not and cannot settle the truth of anything, much less make good predictions in repeatable experiments.

I've seen too many people, even on this forum, say things like "Well, a majority of the people posting in this thread agree that the Uru Forces of the Mighty Thor actually propel rockets into space, so that means we're all right and you people who quote this 'physics' myth are wrong."  Not to that degree, of course -- I exaggerate for effect.

The scientific method doesn't care about the majority's opinion.  Just about repeatable predictions that are consistently and correctly borne out, and which describe, within acceptable limits, how and why the things we see have the properties they display to us.  Majorities that disagree are irrelevant.
Doug, I voted no but that was mainly a gut feel based on watching the industry for the last 30 years. Iíve got used to hearing about man reaching Mars within ten years and this company promising that. I find I fall into a wait and see approach and my gut feel was next year. I donít consider myself a fan boy so that helps. I expect the launch to fail too and hope it wonít. Not really technical but I voted no

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Re: Will Falcon Heavy fly in 2017?
« Reply #61 on: 12/01/2017 01:57 pm »
As an old launch guy I realize one thing. And that is if you do not push for the aspirational date you won't launch at all.

This is why you see Musk push aspirational dates. NASA push aspirational dates. Everyone in the launch business pushes aspirational dates and then accepts what they are then able to get. That is because launch is a tremendous technical struggle to get everything working for that only a few minutes flight. There will always be technical glitches to overcome.

I voted Yes. Because sometimes the aspirational or close to it is achieved. But in this case the challenges caught up to them. And not even ones for FH but for a regular launch that caused scheduling delays for FH tasks.

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Re: Will Falcon Heavy fly in 2017?
« Reply #62 on: 12/01/2017 02:04 pm »
I voted yes, but not too disappointed. I am really hoping for an early Xmas present to see it on the pad and static fired.  ;D