Author Topic: The Problems With Space Mining No One Is Talking About  (Read 33408 times)

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Re: The Problems With Space Mining No One Is Talking About
« Reply #60 on: 01/16/2024 02:13 pm »
"Degrowth" is a philosophy fundamentally opposed to the idea of doing stuff in space. As such, continued discussion of the subject has no place in a thread who's topic is synonymous with "how should we do stuff in space".
On the other hand, bounding unconstrained economic externalities by some means would be squarely within the remit? Clean up your own mess, play nicely with others, dont do harm to others you dont want them to do to you these seem to be worthy advice to any enterprise based on sharing resources and fairly allocating them, as opposed to get what you can before someone tries to stop you.

Its too early in the exploration/exploitation/ colonialism cycle to hope for much in the way of sustainability and equity (imagine we are at the beginning of a 100,000 year phase of development). But its not too early to discuss better ways to avoid the tragedy of the commons.
From "The Rhetoric of Interstellar Flight", by Paul Gilster, March 10, 2011: Well build a future in space one dogged step at a time, and when asked how long humanity will struggle before reaching the stars, well respond, As long as it takes.

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Re: The Problems With Space Mining No One Is Talking About
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There are at least two "suspected" Near Earth M-Type Asteroids. A 100-ton iron-nickel slab from M-Type Asteroid containing rare heavy metals could land on Earth independently (economically) and could easily generate $100-200 million in revenue. With evolving SpaceX technologies, it could possibly pay for a trip to a NEO asteroid.

ResearchGate copy:
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