Author Topic: Boeing and NASA prepare for the assembly of the first SLS rocket  (Read 4968 times)

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Epic feature article by Philip Sloss. Interviewed a number of people, including the welder in the photo!
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Brilliant article! Such a great review of progress and with the people involved! Not long until this rocket proves the naysayers wrong!

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@NASA_SLS has also Tweeted out that shot of the forward skirt:

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Great read and its good to finally see substantial things coming together.

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Does the inside of the SLS LOX tank (or any rocket for that matter) have to be kept ultra clean of anything that could combust with the LOX, especially anything hydrocarbon-related?  Thx.

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Great article Philip! :) I really enjoyed the personal nature and putting a  human face on such a massive endeavor...
"The laws of physics are unforgiving"
~Rob: Physics instructor, Aviator, Vintage auto racer

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Very interesting article at it's best.

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Does the inside of the SLS LOX tank (or any rocket for that matter) have to be kept ultra clean of anything that could combust with the LOX, especially anything hydrocarbon-related?  Thx.

I'm also curious how they prevent debris getting in there. They mention a foam (covered?) ladder at one point, that just seems like a nightmare to keep stuff from falling off and then getting sucked into the feed lines

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Lox tanks have to go through a final cleaning process, (internal wash and sampling and visual inspection). When the tank is declared Lox clean access controls become much tighter. Clean suits and material restriction come into play.

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I wonder why they use 2 different processes to close out the friction stir weld? One for hydrogen tank and a different process for the oxygen tank?

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It's now 2017, so much will continue happen within the next 730 days.  Friction "stirring" LH2 and LO2 tanks, Solid Rocket Booster(SRB) testing, "stirring" the high energy propellant and casting the segments for their rail ride across the country to Florida.  NASA's Pegasus barge "stirring" the waters between Stennis and Michoud as she transports the engineless core stage to Stennis for the mounting of a quartet of senior RS-25's to perform in concert atop the B-2 test stand in the first half of 2018.  This core stage "green run" will "stir" the atmosphere in Hancock County, Mississippi as Main Engines: 2045, 2056, 2058, 2060 oxidize Hydrogen in copious amounts, emitting light and thunder that settles out with a gentle rain downwind of the stand.  Then it's off to Florida, this time Pegasus is carrying a core stage, this time replete with her dualling duet of powerplants wearing their red nozzle covers to protect them from the elements until it's time for the "big show". Hopefully in late 2018, the sound of RS-25s and Solid Rocket Boosters "stir" the hearts and minds of people all over the Earth as SLS lifts off from the very place where many a historic vehicle has launched before. Pad 39-B has lofted a single massive Saturn-V, a single "stick-like" Ares I-X, 4 Saturn-IBs, and 53 Shuttle vehicles have come before the first SLS launch vehicle carrying the Orion capsule for Exploration Mission #1. 
As the liquid engines spin up to launch pressure, just before the solids fire, I know my entire sensory system will be completely "astir".

Keep those Orion and SLS friction "stir" welding machines a turning, I wanna see those rocket engines a burning. GO TEAM GO!!!!! SO MUCH TO BE PROUD OF!!!!

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Nicely said Hog!  Reminds me of when my family reads "The" Night Before Christmas, where every time the word "The" is said you pass a gift around.  Good memories ;)

Great article btw.  2017 is going to be one hell of year for SLS/Orion and spaceflight in general, really looking forward to some amazing successes!